Decentraliser reports: Interview with Roy, co-founder of BITKIO and Gödel Labs

Roy is a famous personality of the Decentraland Chinese community. More than a crypto-entrepreneur, a crypto OG!

Decentraliser: Please introduce yourself

Roy: Hi, I am Roy. I am an engineer, Entrepreneur, co-founder of BITKIO and Gödel Labs. I am involved in cryptocurrency space since 2011. I've had a role as an investor and advisor in Blockchain projects like Ethereum Classic, Binance, MDT (Measurable Data Token) etc. I coauthored a book named how to invest cryptocurrency in 2015. For fun I am a co-founder of a virtual country named The Kingdom of Enclava.

Decentraliser: How did you know about Decentraland, what is the most important point that made you believe in the project?

Roy: I first heard about Decentraland at the moment of the ICO. I found it to be an interesting project. After that, I dug in through the official website and joined the forum. Decentraland, a decentralized virtual world, is a perfect combination of decentralisation and a futuristic concept: a virtual world parallel to the real world. I have done some researches on this concept when I was in university. I believe humans will live in a virtual world that is parallel to the real society and brings more sophisticated experience to their lives in the near future. I regard Decentraland as a good experiment for exploring the virtual world for human beings, like how we should build the environment and the interaction between virtual people. It brings many interesting topics and challenges: the economic system, the governance model, culture… This is what the team said on the website: the only limitation is your imagination. Virtual World would be a true Utopia for human beings. Decentraliser: There are a lot of things going on now, what is your opinion on the last poll that proposes to burn marketplace fees, and suppress the inflation option?

Roy: Decentraland team has done a great job during the past years. There are a lot of discussions about crypto economics. Bitcoin is a deflationary currency, it may be good for storing value, similar to Gold. We also can see some cryptocurrencies are inflationary coins, like Ether, Dogecoin, etc. When I was in the Dogecoin community (I am an active member since the inception, 2013), we discussed a lot about whether we should suppress the inflation model. Finally, the community left Dogecoin as an inflationary coin, with an additional 5.2 Billion coins added in circulation each year. For Decentraland, I think it is meaningful to do a research about a decentralized economic ecosystem, to see which model is good to it. Many factors should be considered, for instance, the supply of LAND, the MANA usage within Decentraland, etc. Keeping MANA as a capped coin is good to MANA holders, but I am not sure whether it is also good to build a robust, prosperous whole ecosystem. The big ecosystem’s economic theory is more complicated than we can understand now. Similarly, burning marketplace fees may also be good to token holders. It may reduce the exchange activity at the LAND market. So short term and long term benefits should be thought before choosing an option. If the community is not clear, the poll could be delayed until the community is big enough or can reach a mature consensus. The problem is that people always just care about their self-interests and short-term benefits when they vote for a poll, and it is also hard for people to judge what is good for the future.

<< Our goal is to help to build a virtual society, a socie ty for everyone, especially those who can’t find their places in the real society [...] to make metaverse a brave new world! >>

Decentraliser: As a big LAND holder, can you tell about your future projects in the metaverse?

Roy: haha! Not that big. We (Gödel Labs) had the plan to create some interesting things in the Metaverse long before we decided to participate in the first LAND auction.

Entertainment, like music concerts, gambling, gaming, etc. seem to be good ideas for the Metaverse.

Right now, we prefer to explore the possibility of the virtual world. We do not yet have a specific project.

We would like to create several original projects, with some that would be less commercial than the others. We would like to build something good, that makes this metaverse more prosperous and meaningful on the upscale layer, like how to scale the advantages of a virtual world in which people can achieve and find things that they can not achieve in the real world; how a virtual world can be a good place for cyberzens (versus citizens) when they interact and communicate. Our goal is to help to build a virtual society, a society for everyone, especially those who can’t find their places in the real society, for example, the ones subject to spiritual homelessness, to make metaverse a brave new world!

Decentraliser: What are the areas of improvement that you currently see, that could help Decentraland development?

Roy: I think the team of Decentraland is doing a great job for now. The community is bigger and bigger. I see a large Decentraland community growing in China. Chinese are excited about this project. While the ecosystem grows, we will face many situations. Like I said before, if a poll has a long-term impact on the metaverse, we should choose a better time to do it, in order to let time for most of the people to consider it well. Decentraliser: Some people think that LAND holders and MANA holders interests and incentives are not aligned, for example in terms of voting power, what is your opinion about that?

Roy: In DCL past polls, only MANA holders had the right to vote. It is true that there are different interests between these two kinds of holders. If a poll is related to the whole ecosystem, I think it is good to bring both holders into the vote. If the metaverse becomes bigger and bigger cyberspace, there will be a third party who are neither MANA holders nor LAND holders: the content builders, free participants and normal cyberzens of the metaverse. Would they have a right to vote for some virtual social topics? The governance issue is an interesting topic to discuss in the Blockchain community and the virtual world.

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