Three Genesis Plaza theme-locations leaked accidentally!

Decentraland has seven big and two small "genesis plaza's". Those spaces will be used by the team for things like spawning new players. We've already seen the Genesis plaza that's located in the center, the Vegas Plaza that is located on the North-West plaza, and the Medieval plaza (with an unknown location). Now there is more news to share. Due to a bug in the marketplace, we got a first peek of the locations and themes of other plazas. It all started when user "toosadtotell" posted the following in Discord Chat:

He followed up with some screenshots. The names of the Genesis Plazas were apparantly visible for a short time when Toosadtotell clicked the plazas on the marketplace. This temporary bug has been fixed, but we still got the screenshots!

The Northern plaza (located around parcel 0,80) will be called "Forest". This could either be a nice place to picnic, or a dangerous place riddled with cannibalist mutants. We can only guess.

The Medieval Plaza, that can be watched here, will be located at the eastern plaza (located around the 80, 0 parcel). It will be interesting to cross the road from Medieval times to the hypermodern NeoTokyo Distric.

The third revelation is that there will be an official Cyberpunk themed Plaza! We are psyched about that. It will be located at the North-East Plaza. This area will be a paradise for Cyberpunk lovers with the Aetherian District located right next to it.

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