The experiment part II: Lambo-ride-to-the-m00n gets Lambo-doors!

A week ago Decentraland Daily started a little building experiment in cooperation with ACL_Crypto. Although this first version already rocked hard, the ride had one small problem. The Lambo was closed,so it was impossible to ride it. I contacted my dear co-owner @ACL_Crypto about this issue, and he agreed that this Lambo needed a first upgrade. The roof needed some serious chopping, and - we're a bit ashamed to say it - we needed a little stairs to get into our own Lambo. To gain some of the lost swag back, we decided to add a Lambo style door, for which Decentraland's rotation-tutorial came in handy!

I asked ACL about the technicalities and he told me the hardest part of adjusting an object is re-texturing the cut parts. To make the Lambo look nice and clean, we asked Remotehorst (also 3d-designer of the DCL-Daily Office) for some help. He made sure the worlds first convertible LAMBO looks nice and clean again! To be continued... until then: Look at the latest version of the Lambo-ride to the moon!

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