The people of Decentraland: Spidymonkey started mapping the metaverse. is trying to show what is going on in the Decentraland Community. In our interview-series: “the people of Decentraland” we try to find out what drives people to come explore this new Virtual Reality frontier on the blockchain.

Not a day goes by that we don't hear about new plans or projects that are being built for Decentraland. In the Decentraland Discord channel we ran into Spidymonkey, who dropped that he had some nice building ideas. We asked him for a short chat (Spidy is a very busy guy), and found out he was also working on a mapping project! Here is our chat!

Hi Spidy, can you introduce yourself?

I'm Spidymonkey. You can find me in Discord as "spidymonkey -". I have worked on a few Blockchain projects such as Golem, Enigma, Wagerr and Decentraland.

How did you get into the Decentraland Community?

I just love the the idea of a decentralized metaverse, and really like to be a part of this project.

What would you like to build in Decentraland?

I'm building bowling, curling & tennis clubs with room for advertising. They will be space themed. Check out this early version!

What would you enjoy to see others build in Decentraland?

I'd love to see crazy races and flying stuff!

What would you need to make your Decentraland dreams a reality, and how can the community be of service?

I think investments from larger companies could really help to make Decentraland an even more interesting space.

Is there anything else you want to share?

I am currently working on the website On this website I am trying to visualize all kinds of data from Decentraland, such as the maximum building height for all the estates that are created. I also plan on showing all the scenes that have been deployed (example), so people can see Decentraland in its full glory!

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