The experiment; a bumpy LAMBO-ride to the m00n!

Decentraland is getting more beautiful every day. As we have learned from the “People of Decentraland-series” a lot of people are building great stuff for Decentraland. We see great ideas and drafts poppin’ up in community chat or on social media, ranging from a dinosaur park to a science center. At the same time, official partners like Animoca Brands and Qwellcode are building games for Decentraland. Decentraland is going to need those wonderful attractions to attract visitors, and LAND-owners and builders will try to earn some MANA from these visitors, to finance their constructing works. This should all result in an ecosystem that works for every party involved: builders, LAND-owners, MANA-investors, and – most importantly – the metazens that will populate Decentraland.

During the building of that ecosystem various challenges – big and small – will arise. To make a great scene technical issues will have to be overcome, like how to make the avatar interact fluently with the scene. There are also commercial challenges, like how to price an attraction, how to attract visitors. Furthermore, there are some business challenges, such as how to divide profits between LAND-owners, builders and other contributors (architects, sound designers, dialogue writers etc.). At DCLDaily we like to experiment and learn. That is why we proudly present: The Experiment! We’re gonna build an actual attraction, and blog about the challenges we face along the way. And what is a better attraction for crypto-enthusiast than a “Lambo-ride to the m00n!”?

Next to our DCL-Daily office, we had an empty LAND-parcel lying around, so we contacted friend of the newspaper ACL_Crypto, who previously built our Decentraland Office (I once tried to design a sugercube, which took me over a week, so I definitely needed someone more tech-savvy). We asked him if he would like to cooperate in the development as a 50% shareholder. ACL_Crypto likes to fiddle-and-diddle, so he said yes! We decided to start out with a kiddy ride, like the ones you see at the mall. Maybe not a real Lambo-ride, but you got to start somewhere. The first building challenge was to make it wobble. ACL_Crypto figured that out quickly, and while on it, he already added lambo-sounds for a true lambo-experience! It already looks awesome, and it is a matter of time until the first metazen will pay 5 MANA to hear that engine roar! We’re gonna get rich!

The next challenge is already evident. People need to be able to sit in the LAMBO to enjoy the full experience. So the next step on our roadmap is: “chop roof”. I guess we’re gonna need ACL’s building skills again. Stay tuned!

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