When second LAND auction?

"WHEN AUCTION 2?!!" is the question that is most frequently asked on the Decentraland Discord server. Well, maybe its the second after "How can I visit the world ?"., but surely it is well before the "When MANA moon?" in the FAQ-rankings. Of course in the Decentraland community everybody is just there for the tech:)

This morning, as a good Decentraland nerd, I was checking the latest Decentraland Github repo notifications, and what did I see?

Wow! A Bunch of newly posted issues and updates related to the long anticipated auction 2! Never a dull moment in the crypto space... My extreme rollercoaster of auction-emotions started yesterday, as Nessy literally started to dump her “Auction 2 lands” (lands next to unsold parcels). Seeing that, speculations arose about our beloved but shady Nessy knowing something that the rest of the community doesn’t. See some examples of Nessy unloading these kind of parcels below:



Inevitably new talks started about the auction 2 date in the #land-trading channel, until Esteban Ordano, also known as the official Decentraland Team's Boss sent a message to cool the trolls down!

It turns out that these issues in the Github-repository only represent the start of the work for the Auction 2 development roadmap: integration with the actual marketplace! You can see it here. So, stay tuned for more! We do not have the date of the auction 2 yet, but we now have the proof that the team has started working on it!

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