The Nessy-files part III: Nessy Evolves!

It had been more than a month ago since the last Nessy-attacks. The legend was bleeding to dead. The reality of the Nessy-attacks seemed as far fetched as the existence of snarks and grumkins. The only thing that kept the tale alive was the stonehard cryptographic proof that Nessy had more than One-million dollar in her wallet.

Although Nessy was gone, the LAND-market was still going strong, with plenty of sales going on (more than 500k MANA volume on a regular basis) without her green majesty splashing around. But since the LAND-flipper community is always craving for action, the worlds last living realestatosaur was severely missed. LAND trading without Nessy felt like christmas without your drunk uncle dancing on the table. It's still fun, but less fun.. way less fun. Luckily for the flipping community, Nessy has returned, but not quite in the way we could have imagined. Nessy evolved!

Where Nessy used to be a species that just gobbled up parcels of LAND, without any regard for prices, she seems to thread more carefully now. The first sign of her appearance was the acquistion of a huge 40 parcel estate. This was the Nessy we knew. Buying large! But a day later, we've seen a different side. Nessy started selling! In two days time she sold over 50 parcels, usually at prices that were lower than the going market rates. Most of these parcels seem to be loose parcels that are located next to unsold parcels. Maybe Nessy found out that there won't be an auction of unsold parcels in the near future. Whatever it is. We probably haven't seen the last of Nessy, since she has got 14 million MANA left in her purse. Stay tuned for Nessy-updates!

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