An interview with Rene, co-founder of Qwellcode about the upcoming game Chainbreakers

On October 18th a partnership was announced between Decentraland and Qwellcode, a Germany-based virtual reality gamestudio which is currently building the RPG-style game Chainbreakers. In the announcement article Qwellcode was calling on all LAND-owners, since the team is planning to make it possible to host quests. We were intrigued by this announcement, and contacted Rene, one of the co-founders of Qwellcode to ask him about the project.

Hi! Please introduce yourself:

Sure! My name is Rene and I am co-founder and executive partner at Qwellcode. We founded the company almost 6 years ago and are glad that we decided to enter the blockchain market. I have been a core gamer for many years and played lots of different titles. The passion and experience I gained from that perspective helps a lot when it comes to the creation of a game. Most of the 16 people working at Qwellcode share this kind of history and became game/backend/web developers or artists before they were hired.

Can you tell us something about the plans for Chainbreakers?

We want to create game mechanics that cannot be built without an underlying blockchain technology. Chainbreakers quest areas will feature dividend pools that are funded by in-game purchases. These funds are redistributied to the players according to their performance in actual gameplay. Smart contracts are the perfect technology to establish trust and transparency.

We have already started building Chainbreakers. The funds generated in the crowdsale will allow us to seriously kick-off the project. At the end of December we want to have a working minimum viable product that features the basic mechanics and first quest areas. From there we will move on according to our roadmap. We will create more quest areas, integrate new features, balance the game mechanics and create a coherent storyline. We target September 2019 for the first stable release.Our team has created some cool concepts that have been already discussed with our advisor Chris Chapman. We are going to unveil more details about these concepts along the road.

What were the reasons to form a partnership with Decentraland?

I learned about Decentraland in fall 2017. The projects technology stack was promising, their plans ambitious and I really liked their philosophical attitude. I decided to join their community and met Esteban in February. After he had introduced me to the team we started to build first scenes and finally started working on the Etheremon VR implementation. Meanwhile our team created a first webGL prototype of Chainbreakers. At some point the Decentraland team invited us to EthBuenosAires which took place in late May. During the conference we showed a three.js prototype to Ari, Esteban, Chris, Shibu, Eric and others. They liked it and asked us if we want to build it exclusively for Decentraland. While we met many team members in real-life, we learned a lot about their mindset and their capabilities. We envisioned the pioneering aspects of developing a game seamlessly into a blockchain-based VR metaverse. Ultimately we wanted to be the team that actually does that and made the deal before heading back to Germany.

You have announced that you are looking to collaborate with individual LAND owners. Can you tell us something about the plans for collaboration?

In the future, Chainbreakers quest areas (scenes created with the Decentraland SDK) can be temporarily deployed onto parcels of collaborators. We will analyse available tools and think about the exact technical implementation during alpha development.To explain the economics, we need to get back to the dividend pools mentioned before: Our team receives a small cut to maintain the game but the largest chunk of any revenue generated on the quest area is channeled into the pool. Our current plan is to share our cut with the collaborator who hosts the quest area. This approach results in passive income for land investors and quest areas that move across the metaverse which adds a whole new layer. We have also thought about building an API that provides some kind of micro quest areas or mini games to Decentraland SDK developers. This would allow integrating additional Chainbreakers content into any Decentraland scene. The latest version of our production plan does not include this idea but a successful crowdsale could allow us to work on stuff like this.

Besides Chainbreakers, what would you like to see in Decentraland?

I want to see the integration of existing games and dApps as well as exclusive content build for Decentraland. It is very important to have dynamic content that really hooks visitors of the metaverse. Education, gaming and entertainment have huge potential. During the last months I met several district leaders (Shoutout to James Ashton) and learned more about their plans. Those key characters play important roles behind the curtains and onboard other parties and platforms to Decentraland. They work very hard to create beautiful places and experiences for the Decentraland metaverse.

Another important segment is e-commerce. WebVR will attract businesses and their customers which might increase traffic within the metaverse. Before Qwellcode headed into VR years ago, the company served tailored e-commerce solutions. We plan to move some of these resources to support our Decentraland division. From there we might partner with land investors to leverage WebVR shopping concepts that wait for implementation.

What would you need to make your Decentraland dreams a reality, and how can the community be of service?

We invite anyone to join the Chainbreakers Discord and follow our progress. A strong community will be very important during alpha and beta development. At that point we will step into dialogue with early testers to improve and develop the game according to their feedback and make the best out of it.

Anything else you want to share?

We are going to publish more details about our NFT crowdsale on our medium blog before it starts on November 1st 2018. Spreading the word about Chainbreakers helps us to obtain the funding we need to create a polished experience that satisfies our expectations.

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