launches new feature: parcel history.

The trading of Decentraland LAND is often compared to trading real-estate. Although this comparison is a bit off (try having a goblin wandering around your so called "real" real estate...) some of the rules that apply in real life, are also applicable to the metaverse. According to Investopedia, the number one real-estate hunting mistake is "falling in love with a house you can't afford". It is easy to fall in love with a beautiful parcel of LAND, especially when it is located near a road, next to your favourite district, or on a very special place on the map. This could cause a buyer to overpay for a certain plot, while there might have been room to negotiate with the seller (here's looking at you Nessie ;)).

The resourcebase for Decentraland LAND-traders introduces a new feature to prevent that kind of mistake: the parcel history-feature. Our reporter Decentraliser, who also happens to be the builder of, explains the usefulness of this feature by comparing it to one of his frequent massages (Decentraliser likes to stay relaxed between reporting and coding). Here is his explanation:

Let's say you are looking for a cheap road land, ready to throw a hard earned 1,500 USD. You now have the possibility to see all the previous sales price of the parcels. But not only the actual sales, but also the previous listingprices the seller tried to sell it for! This is the true beauty of blockchain at work! Can you imagine if it was like this in the real world ? Imagine you are on a business trip, you want to relax and have a massage. So you go tho the massage shop next door, and they propose you a nice one for 100 USD. What if you would know that the same massage had been sold yesterday for 80 USD? That opens up a nice negotiation window! But wait, there is more. Imagine, this massage wasn't sold, and you know it was offered earlier for 200 USD, and then no-one took it, then the day after for 190 USD, and still no client, and so on until today. Don't you think you could get a better deal tomorrow if there are no client around? Please come to My-DCL to try this new feature!

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