Decentraliser reporting: Chris Bell brings his real estate experience to Decentraland.

Today, the Decentraland Daily introduces Chris Bell, a.k.a. dclstart, who is an active player In the official Decentraland Discord channel!

Hi Chris, can you introduce yourself?

My name is Chris Bell, I own and chrisbell.eth. I own 4 pieces of real estate and lease them to tenants, I have multiple websites and promote them through SEO/SEM. I like Ethereum and Decentraland as platforms. I am the Vice President at my father’s company, have a Master’s degree in IT with a focus of web design and I’m a few classes away from an MBA in finance.

You have become popular in the Decentraland Discord promoting your lands for rent, but you have also raised some controversy as some other LAND owners are willing to borrow his 300+ lands to developers for free for a one-year period, what is your vision about it ?

When I came across Decentraland I immediately wanted to own and rent land because that’s what I’ve been doing with real estate for 15 years. Some of the current land owners are leasing their land to developers for free in hopes that they build something popular and draw in new users. However, free land will dry up. Random parcels will not be worth much, but road front estates will be. A 4-parcel estate adjacent to the Tech Center or a 21-parcel road front estate in Vegas City will rent for a premium. Even the biggest and closest estate in Decentraland can only have one owner or tenant, and different people crave different LAND for several reasons. I plan to provide this for them.

You have made a webpage that enables people to list their lands for rent. Can you talk about it ?

I built a one-page, one-table, database to list parcels and estates from Decentraland for rent. The map and owner’s address come from connecting to the API based on the coordinates or estate number. Choose your monthly rental amount in MANA tokens by comparing your parcel to the rest of the rental listings. I envision people that want to hold their land for an extended period will decide to rent it to others for monthly cash flow.

You seem to be active for evangelizing the world about crypto (example). What drives you to pursue this mission ?

I started a YouTube channel after I tried to explain Bitcoin to my parents. I realized that I had a lot to explain to a lot of people. It’s not an argument to use BTC vs USD, it’s just simply fun to have Ethereum, MANA and BELL (Chris's own coin) at my fingertips. I don’t want our government to collapse any time soon (like some cryptomaximalists), because I don’t think bitcoins will be too useful in that horrific state. However, the simple fact that people use Ethereum to send MANA tokens and use MANA tokens to buy land means that there’s a demand.

You have created your own token. What are your plans with it?

I created the {B} BELL Token (1,000,000 of them) as an ERC20 token and give it away for free at 8,000 per month. I also give all of my token holders free ether monthly, I favor Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin as cryptocurrencies. Random people come to my website early each month, choose A, B or C, enter an Ethereum address and a 1 in 3 chance of winning 25 free {B} BELL tokens. (Editor’s note: A guessing game is available on Chris Bell website) No signing up, no information, not even an email is required. I don’t want your information, so I don’t collect it. I can send Ethereum and {B} BELL tokens to your ether address. You visit my website with an Ethereum address and we can exchange money without knowing a thing about each other. I love it. I think my site visitors love it too. I like to promote the feeling of freedom when using cryptocurrencies, and help people painfully squeeze into cryptocurrency world through an exchange. Once people transfer the coins from wallet to wallet you’ll see how transactions are sent and confirmed in a brief period which is the final say.

Why are you Excited about Decentraland?

At this moment in time, the thing that gets me the most excited about crypto currency, besides freedom, is Decentraland. I think a lot of the other coins will be spent in virtual reality shopping malls, bowling alleys, aquariums, amusement parks, Vegas City, along with using them to buy 3D land parcels, avatars, buildings and cars. Hop in and out as you please, meet your friend in Vegas City from your living room. As of now, I’ve copied a squirrel from Google Poly, and pasted it in the Decentraland sample LAND. I also copied an island.gltf (credits: Alex Glidewell) which looked a lot better than the squirrel when I scaled it to my land size. Blender will allow me to create some 3D objects as a complicated Paint software and save them as (.gltf) files that appear into the virtual reality world.

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