LAND-flippers and stat-hunters get your helmets on! You can visit (under construction) no

In the world of LAND-trading, information is everything. Just like in the world of trading of a real-world assets (e.g. pumpkin-pie recipes). Since the introduction of the estate-sale function, traders are panicking. If they want to keep up to date with the details of every sale, they have to keep clicking at parcels. Besides that, bargain-hunters are yearning to see which estate has the lowest price per parcel, or what is the cheapest road-parcel. All this is about to change. The very talented programmer (and by the way our own great reporter ;) (@Decentraliser on Discord/ @Dcentraliser on Twitter) built a great tool for LAND-traders. Readers be welcome at! Please put on your helmets. This site is still under construction (after you mr. Silbert). features some clever coding, that makes it easy to view the details of every listings, and every sale, including the latest estate sales! Furthermore the sites makes it possible to quickly check the cheapest roadparcels for sale. Ideal for LAND-flippers, or for people who want to open up a gas-station in the Metaverse.

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