The cursed parcel 55, -85.

The Decentraland LAND market has been busy lately. In the past 30 days 1171 pieces of LAND have been bought and sold through the marketplace. Probably a lot of these trades are done by speculators or "flippers" that try to make profits on quickly buying and selling LAND. But at some point those pieces must end up in the hands of a builder that just bought it for the love of cultivating his own piece of the Metaverse. Just like Decentraland Daily owns some plots around the Decentraland Landmark, where our headquarters is currently being built.

Some plots however seem to be tossed around like a hot potato. We were curious to see which parcel was sold the most often, and asked @Decentraliser to run some numbers. It turned out to be 55, -85 (and its neighbouring parcel 55, -86 by the way, but "the cursed parcels" isn't much for a mysterious clickbait-title...). We checked its history on It was sold eight times within a timeframe of nine months. Imagine having to meet new neighbours every month. I would give up on baking cakes...

Luckily the pushing around seems to be over. The parcel landed in the "east egg" estate. Hmmm.... east egg. That sounds almost like... We can't wait to visit this parcel, and see what we find there. It might be a good idea to start learning how to play Joust.

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