This Unity-workflow by Stephen Zhou opens up new possibilities for builders in Decentraland

To make Decentraland the most magical place in the world, architects, gamedesigners and VR-experience builders got to have access to the best tools with which they can unleash their creativity. The most widely used VR development platform in the world is the Unity platform. Some of the world's most famous games in recent years were built using it (such as Pokemon Go, Hearthstone, and the classic hit Bubsy 3D: Bubsy visits the James Turrell Retrospective). Imagine our excitement when we found out somebody built a workflow to export content from Unity to Decentraland.

This workflow was created by Stephen#9389 (Discord). We contacted him and asked him about the project.

Hi Stephen, could you introduce yourself?

Hi, my name is Stephen Zhou. I was a game producer in a Chinese game company. Now me and my team are developing Decentraland Unity Tools as third-party cooperator.

How did you get involved in the Decentraland Community?

I invested in MANA last year. I have always believed Decentraland is a good project. I am always around in the Chinese Community, watching the progress of DCL.

We saw your message about the unity export workflow you created, can you tell us a bit more about this?

The DCL Unity Exporter is the first step of our work. You can find it on github. It enables developers and LAND-owners to edit their scenes in Unity and export them to Decentraland. It currently has the following functions:

  • Input parcel coordinates;

  • Input land owner's infomation;

  • Show performance statistics and warnings;

  • Export all primitives, meshes and texts;

  • Export a DCL project ready to publish to IFPS;

We also have added a function to export to, where you can publish and share your content prior to the Decentraland client release.

Do you need coding-skills to use the exporter?

It is very easy to use. The whole thing doesn't need any coding even not even any command lines. The only thing you need to do to deploy a scene is installing Unity and the tool. I believe this will become a standard workflow to develop for Decentraland in the future. I have written a tutorial in the GitHub mainpage. If you just want to publish a scene to like most developers did, that is really simple, just follow this tutorial.

Why did you start this project?

In August of this year, I met Ari and Esteban on a China game conference. I got to know they need such a tool, so I started working on it.

What would you like to see in Decentraland?

Besides games and gambling, I'd like to see some more different business in DCL, for example: a fashion design studio, an architectural design studio, or a digital artwork museum (where I don't want to see Ponzi-scheme like NFT projects), a chat room or a bar, an international forum or even a diplomatic conference center. I also would like to see psychological counseling, education & training, public speech, religious and memorial sites (like a virtual cemetery). My dream is to make a big speech on day in Decentraland.

Is there anything else you like to share?

Our tool is ready to download now. I wish more and more developers use it and give us feedback to optimize our work. I am always open to talk on Discord and GitHub. Thank you!

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