Decentraliser reporting: An interview with Red Bull, community manager for Decentraland in China.

When I saw the Chinese community call for designers, I contacted 红牛(Hóngniú, Red Bull), the Chinese community manager who posted it. He told me he has been community manager for one month, and was formerly a simple community member. He has been engaged in the community since the ICO. On August 8, he participated in the Shanghai meetup, and Jason proposed him to become an official community manager. He is very optimistic about the future of Decentraland!

How did you know about Decentraland, and why did you choose that project ?

红牛(Red Bull) : In last year July, I discovered about Decentraland on IM Token mobile wallet. At that time, IM Token was recommending a majority of good projects, and had a very good public reputation. I then read the whitepaper, and had an immediate interest for it, although I still had not realised the full potential of the project at the time. I participated in the ICO investing few ETH through IM Token, and invested in Dragon City in October 2017.

What do you think is unique about Decentraland ? What is your opinion on Decentraland long term development?

The unique point is that Decentraland uses blockchain to determine ownership . Nobody can temper it. Through continuous upgrade and promotion, I think that a real version of Ready Player One’s Oasis is a great prospect! Freedom and content variety is Decentraland’s source of appeal.

Other blockchain games projects barely have one single game proposition. However, Decentraland is not only a game, it is open to art, education, literature! In the future, Decentraland should become a kind of lifestyle, a place where many people will be able to work, shop and get entertained ! Decentraland will be a 3D internet !

What were you doing before participating in Decentraland community?

I was a simple factory worker! With a low salary and education level. I have a passion for reading novels on the internet, I read a lot of them! My main interest is on stories relative to new technologies and some would blow my mind off!

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