The people of Decentraland: Denis, the Buddhist builder.

Ever since starting the People of Decentraland series, we are stunned at the variety of ideas that people have. The metazens have all kinds of goals, having fun, experimenting, or just making cold hard cash. In this interview we meet Denis. He has a very different goal than those. He wants to share his way of life, and create a beautiful Buddhist place, and spread the word about his view on life. Here is the interview.

Hi Denis, please introduce yourself.

My name is Denis Chistyakov. Aka Denis17 on discord. I contributed all parcels to the Shwedagon District, and I am its Districts leader.

How did you get into the Decentraland Community?

I am in DCL community since the Decentraland ICO, and consider this project a very rare opportunity to experience the development of the Genesis city from the earliest stage.

What would you like to build in Decentraland?

Me and my wife are practicing Vipassana meditation. Ever since we learnt this from our Myanmar teacher we try to support and pertain the unbreakable lineage of teachers who teach this kind of meditation. In our vision this is the purest form as it was practiced by Buddha himself. My first idea was to build a copy of one the most beautiful places on Earth. The Shwedagon Pagoda in Myanmar, that we visited many times. However, I quickly found out that would need at least 100 parcels , but I have only 11. So I decided to place a Buddha Statue instead. It is a copy of the Standing Buddha in Myanmar, near Monywa.

The 3d outer design is almost finished, as you can see it is very detailed and we will have to reduce the quality to be compatible with the number of polygons in the DCL SDK. *update. you can see the result of this in this video.

The Interior design of the statue will represent 31 level of existence starting from the hell realms and going up to the celestial realms. The building will have 31 floors. On one of the parcels there will be a book shop, which is a 100% charity project. For this project we partnered up with (one the most popular websites for Theravada Buddhism literature).

All the designs for the Shwedagon District are being made by design company "Indi People". It will be first design buro in DCLproviding services of creating best VR experience to all land owners and players of The Genesis city. So if you have ideas , but you don't have skills to build Indi People will do it for quite a reasonable price. You can contact Serj#1705 in the Decentraland Discord Channel if you are looking for designers.

Their headquarters will be built in DCL, near the very center, in the top of a giant tree. We have already created some early sketches. So, let's keep fingers crossed that the world will be opened soon and become a popular place for people to have fun, communicate , create, educate, and more....

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