Buyers beware. Someone sold a fake LEGO-bank in Decentraland.

Recently the eye of our news-hunting squad was caught by a remarkable news-article on the website In this article the "Sale of the first bank in Decentraland" was announced. The article starts with a big announcement:

The article is accompanied by a picture of what at first sight looks to be a well-crafted 3d version of a bankbuilding. However, upon closer inspection, I got childhood memory flashbacks of coloured bricks, and little plastic guys with bald yellow heads. Wait a minute... look at that flowers in the window.... holy shit... this building is made of LEGO!

A quick google search for "LEGO" and "bank building" confirmed our suspicion. This bank is the infamous LEGO Creator 10251 set! The set that was designed for your weird nephew that wants to be a banker since he is six years old! The only thing that is missing from the picture is a bunch of friendly yellow-headed LEGO-bankers (maybe they are having lunch and are eating tiny LEGO-sandwiches).

The advertising article seems to have worked. Parcel 59, -1 was bought yesterday for 99,000.- MANA. We are not saying that is a bad buy. It is a premium-placed parcel after all, and the value of a parcel depends highly on the plans of the buyer. However, if this buyer read the article and was under the assumptions he bought an entire bank, including a 3d-model built from scratch (which is more or less implied by the original sales article), he will be dissapointed. This is just a copied image. DecentralandDaily is open to a reaction from the seller.

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