Put your helmet on! Here is a guided tour through the first viewable interactive parcels in Decentra

Decentraland is shaping up rapidly. I am just a journalist with so little 3d-skills that I couldn't create a sausage with a play-doh machine if my life depended of it. Luckily there are lots of builders out there that are for more skilled. A bit more than a week ago, the Decentraland team popped out a nice tutorial-blog about how to share your scenes with the now-service. So when will we start seeing those scenes? Right about now, funk soul brother! Let me be your friendly mr. tourguide for today! We're walking, we're walking.

First lets visit the "block dog" scene, that is mentioned in the developer-tutorial. This scene features a nice little dog and his doghouse. The poor fellow looks like it ran straight from Minecraft to escape his centralized bosses. Go see if you can get it to sit and roll over for you here. Not really a dog-person? Visit this humming-bird scene instead.

Next stop: the latest scene by ACL_Crypto, which features what looks to be some kind of bank building. You can visit it here. On the top floor, there is a vault. Maybe he is hiding his private-keys in here. You can try to press the red button to find out. ACL is a very productive builder. Follow him on twitter to check out his latest creations.

Let's also take a look at the Aetheria District. Although this preview is in an early state of development, the sheer size of the project is impressive. A giant building looms up in the center of this huge plot. A banana ain't gonna be enough to measure the scale of this project. We'll check in from time to time to see when the local Rekall-outlet will open for business.

Our last stop is the conference center. Just like the first setup of the Aetheria District, this is is made by Carl Fravel. At the entrance there is a map, that shows that the plans for this area are very detailed already. Maybe one day this place will make history when an important conference is held here. Something like the next UN or G8-meeting, or an even more important one like the meeting where Roald Dahl's witches decided to turn all the children into mice by handing out poisoned candy.

We're walking. We're walking. We're stopping. So kids. This was the end of the tour. If you liked it. Please rate me, mr. friendly tourguide on Tripadvisor. You don't have to of course, but I really appreciate it. That's tripadvisor. T.R.I.P.A.D.V.I.S.O.R.Com. If you don't have an account. Please make one. But really, you don't have to give me a rating. Especially when you didn't like it. If you did however, please give me 5 stars. 4 stars just harms the rating. Thats Tripadvisor.com. Trip like in trip and then advisor behind it. Tripadvisor. You all gave me five stars? Okay, now get the hell out of my sight.

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