Decentraliser reporting: China community call

Intro by mr. Fundamental : One of the great things of Decentraland is that you can meet people from all over the world in your own virtual backyard, or – while we are waiting for the project to go live – in the Discord Community. That is where I met Decentraliser, who is from all over the world by himself. He speaks fluent French, Chinese, English and some obscure programming languages I don’t understand a word of (I wouldn’t be surprised to hear him curse in Klingon too). Decentraliser is a versatile guy and we are very happy to announce he joined the DCLDaily-team and is now our official reporter in China! Here is his first article !

Chinese community call for joining Landlords and Developers forces !

While the English speaking part of the Decentraland community is chilling in Discord, lots of Chinese Metazens hang around in Wechat. I stumbled upon a community announcement by 红牛(Hong Niu, Red Bull), that drew my attention and that I would like to share with the rest of the world ! Here is the translation:


Important notice :

In order to promote the building of Decentraland, Decentraland Chinese community is going to introduce a platform bound to join Chinese landlords and content developers, in order to match both parties needs and demands.

1. Landlords can join the community manager 红牛(Red Bull) on the official QQ, Wechat or Weibo accounts in order to register their contact details, number of lands, building style, development budget, Ethereum address, thoughts about building.


Contact information: can be either QQ number, phone number, Wechat number or e-mail.

Number of lands : The number of LANDs a Landlord wants to build on.

Building budget : The investment budget / parcel relative to development.

Ethereum address : The address possessing the relevant LANDs.

Thoughts about building : Static content or multi-function business building.

Notice : This is an early stage data gathering about building intention, in order to facilitate content developer’s customer research.

2. Community friends who have an experience in modeling and programming : if you want to participate in Decentraland development, you also can contact the community manager 红牛(Red Bull) in order to register your own skills.

Notice : This is an early stage data gathering in order to facilitate landlord's developer researches.


After reading this call, I contacted 红牛(Red Bull) in order to have more insight upon this initiative. He told me that he took this initiative to create synergies between landlords and developers. Currently, the state of building of the Chinese community is behind the rest of the world. Up to now the community is primarily interested in MANA and LAND price fluctuation. However, 红牛(Red Bull) noticed that Chinese community landlords wanting to build are struggling in finding appropriate developers, and most of them are non-tech savvy.

On the other side of the coin there are people who would like to do some development, but as the landlords requirements are not clear and definite, and as they do not propose them a suitable salary, they are finally reluctant to get into it.

红牛(Red Bull) says that the rest of the world’s community is making great progress every day upon building, but on the Chinese side, very few successful achievements have been publicly seen. However he firmly believes once the client is open sourced, and people start to see development possibilities concretely, Chinese community moves toward building will be very fast!

Having seen the speed at wich China has put the high speed train network up, I think Matazens can already fasten their seatbelts!

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