The people of Decentraland: ACL_Crypto likes to "fiddle-and-diddle" on his projects.

In the series The People of Decentraland we are interviewing the Decentralanders/ Decentrians/ Decennials/Metazens (vote or leave your suggestions here), to find out what is cooking under the surface of the Decentraland Map. You can read our earlier entries here, here and here. Today we present the article you have all been waiting for. If you have been strolling through the Alpha-version of Decentraland, or if you follow @DCLDaily on Twitter, you have already seen we have put out the first! ever! (excusez-le-w00t!) advertisement in the metaverse for this article! The wait is over. Here is the all exclusive interview with the one and only @ACL_Crypto!

Hi ACL, can you introduce yourself?

My name is ACL_Crypto, you can find me on Twitter and Discord under that name, and I am a hobby-programmer.

How did you get into the Decentraland Community?

I started with crypto in 11/2018, then I heard of cryptocollectables during the cryptokitties hype and found Decentraland. Decentraland is a perfect platform for my hobby "coding"... and I loved the idea. I had (and wanted) to learn a lot of coding. I really like to "fiddle-and-diddle" when I code, and to try to get things running. From time to time I chat with the team's developers to get things running ... They are really helpful!

What would you like to build in Decentraland?

My initial idea was to build a tower. Now I think there would be space in my plans for a shop or maybe a bank too. I wanted to start a CryptoArtMuseum for my Cryptocollectables. I try a lot of stuff out in my first project. A three floor gallery-building that I continuously upgrade. You can check it out live here! I have also helped built the mosque for the Muslim-quarter. I liked that project from the start, because it is totally different from all other things (like trading, land, gaming) people are working on.

What would you enjoy to see others build in Decentraland?

It think (and hope for the success of Decentraland) that there will be a lot of gaming. This is important as it gets people into DCL. But I would really like to see the University developing well with lessons and 3D-courses in all areas/fields. Imagine: A guy from Uganda or China or Venezuela just puts on his vr-Headset and attend a class/school/university!

What would you need to make your Decentraland dreams a reality, and how can the community be of service?

Hmmm... I try to learn and do as much as I can myself to "make my decentraland dreams reality" .... of course you can't learn everything or have massive experience in just some days .... But we have a very good community with a lot of people helping when you have questions.

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