The People of Decentraland: Peter D is training his wandering Goblin.

The next guest who entered the Decentraland Daily Office to be interviewed is the very active community member Peter D, who was so kind to answer our Q&A. It is great to see people respond so enthusiastically as Peter did when we asked him. But we wouldn’t expect any different since even his Avatar looks like a nice guy.

Hi Peter, please introduce yourself.

Hi, my name is PeterD, serial LAND-trader and wannabe content developer in Genesis city.

How did you get into the Decentraland Community?

I found Decentraland about February this year after buying a dozen or so alt coins and stumbled across this project. The potential is mind boggling... buy land, build anything you like...what could be more exciting :)

What would you like to build in Decentraland?

I am only telling you the ideas I want you to know about as I have several under wraps! So I will have LAND with an interactive goblin wandering around on it. When you approach him, he will engage with you in a variety of ways dependant on what you do. Hopefully he will get smarter over time...

I would also like to build a Jurassic park. Believe me, it will be small and simple to start, but I do have a T-Rex and some velociraptors on a plot that I want to animate. I also want to do some business orientated things and am planning on building content to sell to other land owners...

What would you enjoy to see others build in Decentraland?

A mix of stuff, which should inevitably happen. I read a lot of people calling this project a game, but in my view it is not a game. Genesis city is a virtual city that you will be able to visit for a variety of reasons, ranging from business and entertainment to of course gaming. I do expect to see a lot of things you could find in any real city. I would very much like the districts to generate some great content as there are some amazing ideas in the district plans.

What would you need to make your Decentraland dreams a reality, and how can the community be of service?

For now, the Decentraland project is very much a reality for me as I am trading land and building content. My one wish would be for the dev team to only release the beta once there is enough content to excite the vistor. I would like to see the community support this idea and not press the team to release early. I think patience is needed here as the lauch needs to be as "right" as it can be expected for a beta.

Besides I would like to see more updates from the disctrict leaders. Districts are a large part of Genesis city that we all love and support, so monthly updates would be very welcome!

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