The misadventures of Felblob and his road-parcel.

Decentraland is the youngest country in the world. In fact it is so young that most of the pilgrims who bought LAND, haven't even set foot on their own digital soil (although we are starting to see some real world footage). Yet, Decentraland already gave birth to some remarkable stories, but none quite so remarkable as the story of the young but resilient traveler Felblob. Come sit by the fire, and hear his tale.

On August 6th Felblob took his life-savings, and invested them all in the new world. His journey started with parcel 51, -85, which he bought for 6000 MANA. As a true believer in "the Decentraland Dream" Felblob immediately announced his ambition to get a road parcel to the community.

In those days MANA was expensive, but LAND prices were low. Felblob had to slowly work his way up as a LAND-trader. He managed to sell his first parcel with a profit of 475 MANA, and bought -130, -60. Not a road-parcel, but hey, it was close to three roads! After that his journey continued slowly upwards. Sometimes the profit on a sale did barely cover the gas costs, like that time he sold 18, -119 for a measly 50 MANA profit. Although days were hard, Felblob gained the support of the community, who were rooting for him as if he was the engine that could himself. On August 21, Felblob announced that he made the impossible possible. He bought himself a Road-Parcel!

I wish I could tell you that this is where the story ends. Felblob, sitting on his porch, surrounded by his grandchildren and a litter of Cryptokitties, rocking his rocking chair. But that is not how the world works. Felblob wanted more. He sold his road-parcel, and bought himself an even better one on 16, -123. He named it: "Fel's Castle; Home to Felsin and Felblob, this castle provides a community garden and park. I wonder what secrets it holds? ". A rags to riches story was in the air. Felblob could smell the gold! It was shortly after the Nessy-attacks and parcels were going for prices between 10000 and 50000 MANA!

But like Icarus who flew too close to the sun, Felblob was soaring too high. All of a sudden, Felblob's parcel popped up on the marketplace for a fraction of its value: 2424 MANA. This couldn't be right, as Felblob himself made immediately clear in the Discord-channel of Decentraland.

Of course this nugget of gold got snatched of the market by some unknown buyer, and Felblob lost his hopes and dreams. How could this happen? There is only one explanation. Felblob "fat-fingered". We asked him what went wrong. Felblob told us: "i heard all the nessie stories and wanted my plot up for 24242 for fun and exposure. figured I could get an even nicer road:). I've seen through this how many others have done that too. People need to know not to be greedy. i could have kept that plot forever!"

Luckily there is hope for Felblob. The community is supportive, and at this moment Felblob has already received 6k in donations. Including a donation from the address that belongs to Nessy! Maybe Nessy isn't such a monster after all. Do you want to help Felblob too? Send a bit of MANA to his address on 0xc35cfe8d50E63B48FC624Ff91A668c18eF9277a5

UPDATE: Felblob told us he received enough MANA to buy back his beloved roadparcel. Don't you just love happy endings?

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