The People of Decentraland: Artist Josh Martell dreams of his own VR-Comic shop

We at Decentraland Daily are interviewing community members about there plans and dreams for Decentraland. For part 1 we interviewed Kaleb. This is part 2, for which we have interviewed Josh Martell, an aspiring comic, who is active under the name “Differdrift” in the Decentraland Discord Channel.

Hi Josh, could you introduce yourself to the Decentraland Community?

Hello hello, I am Josh Martell, a 29-year old comic artist, and creator of “Differdrift” an ongoing horror science fiction watercolor and ink webcomic. Differdrift is the name of an ongoing web comic I created in watercolor and ink. It is a horror science fiction watercolor and ink ongoing web comic. You can find some of my work at my website

How and why did you get into the Decentraland Community?

I have been looking for an outlet where artists could share their visions through cryptocurrency, and more specifically I was curious if there was any cryptocurrency that attempts to harness the power of VR. Decentraland caught my attention because of the freedom aspect of each parcel of land. A lot of other cryptocurrencies are very strict in their purpose but MANA's purpose is to allow self expression.

What would you like to build in Decentraland?

I Imagine an art gallery of sorts, or rather a comic book shop in Decentraland. You could go to my comic book shop in decentraland as if you would in real life and pick up an artist webcomic off a shelf and read it as if it were a real print! I think that is the future of comic books! Everything is becoming digital as it is, why not have a digital comic shop.

What would you enjoy to see others build in Decentraland?

I would like to see people really dive into this virtual reality art scene and start developing some tediously detailed mazes and obstacle courses for other members to enjoy testing the worlds atmosphere and environment. I believe step one is understanding the world that is trying to be created and push its limits. Although I want to create the first virtual reality webcomic book shop, I think we need to push the boundaries of what we can do in Decentraland before we try and mimic the real world. The virtual world might hold something more then we can imagine.

What would you need to make your Decentraland Dream come true?

I currently do not own any LAND in Decentraland, nor do I own any MANA. I am looking to invest very soon but I am very particular in my vision and want to be sure that I am going to make the right investment. I have a clear vision of what I want, and I am looking at different ways it could be done. However, Decentraland looks super promising and the idea seems a perfect fit for what I want to create.

Anything else you want to share?

As a 29 year-old whose first entertainment was a NES, I have seen technology grow and have always wanted to be involved in it. I was always the kid looking for customization and editors. I created Starcraft UMS games and maps, and battle arenas in the Jedi Knights 2 editor. I’ve played around with BRYCE and MAYA to create short animations. Now it’s time to get that VR-Headset on, and create some VR-Art. Once I get the chance to create something, I might not ever take it off again. Let’s go!

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