The People of Decentraland 1: Kaleb Kizmet promised his friends a landmark

Currently any curious crypto-investor, casual gamer or AI-refrigerator who takes a first look at the Decentraland Atlas, is seeing just that. An Atlas. Squares on a map. However, underneath the surface of those squares, or “parcels” as they are called by the Decentraland team, something is brewing. There is a vibrant community of developers, builders, traders, and curious newcomers hiding. Its inhabitants are like seeds in the ground waiting for spring, to show their shining colours to this new world. *I apologize if I made you a bit nauseous there, I got carried away.

Just to get a glimpse of what to expect in Decentraland, we at DCLDaily are doing an interview-series with community members about their plans and dreams for Decentraland. For part one we interviewed Kaleb Kizmet, a crypto- and VR-enthusiast, owner of the largest estate in Decentraland, and one of the most active members in the DCL’s Discord-Channel. Here we go.

Hi Kaleb, Please introduce yourself to the community.

Hi, my name is Kaleb Kizmet, People who are on Discord might know me as Kaleb K. I am pretty active there. *Note: community members refer to the random-channel as “Kaleb’s video-corner, which says something…

A look inside Kaleb's video corner

A look inside Kaleb’s Video Corner

How did you get into the Decentraland Community?

I checked out the project after seeing MANA being traded on Binance. I decided to buy some. After that I went to rocket chat and started to meet everyone there.

What would you like to build in Decentraland?

A place people love to go to. A group of investors and I are currently building a skate park in the Aetheria district and a poker room in Vegas District. I have a lot of ideas for my land, but I really need to know how the unsold land will be handled before I can finalize my plan. *Note: Kaleb’s Estate is called “Malibu Pier” and is located amidst a sea of unsold parcels. Besides that, I promised some friends from Croatia that I would recreate a natural landmark i saw in their country, if Croatia made it to the Worldcup soccer finals, so I guess I'm gonna have to build that.

The landmark Kaleb is dreaming of.

What would you enjoy to see others build in Decentraland?

I am really excited to see what is built, I want to see a full size sports stadium.

What would you need to make your Decentraland dreams a reality, and how can the community be of service?

We need good coders and good underlying tech. I think this will all come down to how nice it looks and how well it functions. The community can be of service by being active. Not much more is required. Just show up....

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