Decentraland market under attack part II: The Nessy-files

The Decentraland-community is still in shock and awe about the recent “whale-attacks”, we wrote about earlier. After the publishing of the article, the attacks were far from over. The monster kept popping up all around the map. Decentraland villagers who had listed their parcels for what they thought were ridiculously high prices were ripped from their virtual homes like a lawyer from a Jurassic Park toilet. After these relentless buying sprees the community has decided. This is not a whale. This is something bigger and uglier. Even more hideous than the infamous bearwhale. Nessy is her name and she is hungry. Luckily our friend Decentraliser was able to capture her in a meme, so we now what to look out for.

Nessy might still not be done shopping. She keeps filling up her purse from her Bittrex-account and currently has more than 5 million MANA in her purse. Check for yourself. Community-member @HPrivakos generated a map with all the parcels she currently owns. They are marked in red. Where will Nessy strike next? Stay tuned!

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