A first look at the Genesis Plaza!

Ever since the Decentraland Genesis Auction, people have been wondering what the plaza's (the great green squares on the Decentraland map) will look like. It is highly anticipated that these will be places where players can spawn. The central Genesis Plaza in the center of the Decentraland Map is generally believed to be the place where the new players will start their Virtual Life. For this reason the parcels around that area are highly priced and hard to get. Currently the Decentraland Project is in Alpha-testing. While the lucky few get a chance to see what LAND-owners are building in the Decentraland SDK, the rest of the community are like the old folks hanging around the fence of a building site, to try to get a glimpse of what is being built.

Not to long ago the team gave us an inside look of the Medieval themed plaza that can be viewed on a regular computer screen by using the mouse and WASD-keys. More recently a video, that looks like it is created to showcase the DCL Explorer that is being tested, popped up. And it shows us the cradle of Decentraland Life itself: The Genesis Plaza!

The video starts with zooming in on the map, so there can be no doubt that we are seeing the central plaza. If the video is paused around the 1:22 mark, a general overview of its contents becomes visible.

The video continues with moving around, and we see forests, some kind of palace, and a giant Pirate-ship! Will the central plaza be mainly Pirate-themed? We are Hooked already!

Around 5:50, the Avatar that made this little movie, walks up to a tiny temple, that houses a floating blue crystal. Vaguely reminiscent of the Final Fantasy XII Saving Crystals. Could this be it? The Decentraland Spawning point? We can't wait to find out and go questing for the ingredients of a non-fungible royal cake.

Stay tuned for more updates from the ever moving world of Decentraland!

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