Decentraland-market attacked by whale!

The Decentraland Market-place usually is pretty quiet. A day with about 15 parcels switching hands is a normal day. A day with only one or two parcel-sales isn't that unusual as well, as we can see in the charts that are generated by decentrastats. However, lately there is something huge lurking underneath the water of the once so peaceful marketplace. I strongly recommend to play the Jaws-themesong before reading the rest of this article.

Here it comes. The thing creating the waves on the market-place is a giant Whale (in case you missed the title of this article)! Okay, we know Jaws isn't technically a whale, but hey, would you have preferred the Free-Willy music? A rich crypto-investor is buying up LAND. Take a look at this guys buying sprees. He already struck several times. The whale seems to have an interest in large area's of connected parcels, probably with the purpose of creating estates. We've seen strikes in the area just below the Western Plaza (around -78, -15), the area between Fashion District and District X, and his latest strike was just below the strip (around -14, -111).

Thanks to Etherscan we can have a look in his whale-purse, and it sure looks like this guy isn't done shopping. He got more than 3.2 million MANA left, so this might be far from over. We might even see a whalenado. I urge you all to stay on the beach, and keep calm. Please do not FOMO. I do not know this whale.

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