The first 200 Decentraland estates. Here are the numbers.

When you take a look at the rapid evolving of estates in Decentraland, it looks like the kids from Twitch plays Pokemon, have gone rogue on the first edition of SimCity. Estates are built, dissolved, and built again. Currently more than 200 estates have been built since the introduction of the estate-function. We at Decentraland Daily crunched some numbers with the help of our good ol' numbercrunching friend Decentraliser. From the first 200 estates, 18 have already been dissolved. However, the empty estate token remains forever on the blockchain. So think twice before naming your estate after your girlfriend. The relation might not last, but the estate will be more eternal than her name tattooed in your neck. For the first 200 estates there are 89 estate holders, which means the average holder holds 2.1 estates. There are 1939 parcels in estates, but we have a feeling this number will rise, once people realize that having the largest estate means having the biggest bragging rights. We'll see. For now, if you want to do your own calculations. Go ahead. Here is a full list. If you want to take a closer look at one of the estates, use the link, wherein X is the Estate ID-number.

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