Estates part II. We're starting to see the outlines of Decentraland.

In our recent piece about the new Estate-feature we informed you about the new Decentraland Estate Function. People can use this function to merge their tiny 10 by 10 mr parcels into larger "estates". Those estates start to appear in all shapes and sizes. And boy is this feature popular. We haven't had so much fun since finding out that we could write "hello" with a calculator held upside-down. The contract address shows that currently already 194 estates have been assembled. One of the very early examples of the endless possibilities is shown below.

Tha dick of anarchy

But all jokes aside, let's take a look at some of the more serious looking estates. First off: Hackers Road.This 12 parcel estate is located at 2, 12 and beyond. The primest of prime locations on the map. Even Optimus Prime would give his rims a polish before riding in here. The owner must have serious plans for this estate, since he could sell this plot for some serious coin, according to this article by our friends at By the way: the owner owns a whopping 35 estates, including the adjecent "Finney-estate". Now this is what we call a Mogul. Move over, Anshe Chung!

Hackers Road Estate

Next up: Cyber Design Lab. This 18 parcel estate is located in the south-eastern part of the center of Genesis-City. This area is partly set up like a modern city with straight roads, that create blocks of parcels ranging from 4 to 16 parcels. I reckon there will be a lot of estates in this area because of the setup of the roads. The name Cyber Design Lab sounds a bit scary. Maybe the guys from Valve will conduct their VR experiments here? I'll ask dr. Gordon Freeman to come with me when I visit.

The Cyber Design Lab.

The last one we take a look at is Greenpoint Estates. Before Estates, there already were Districts. During the Genesis Auction, people contributed LAND-Parcels to these districts, so larger area's within a certain theme could be build in a joint effort by the participants. It is interesting to see if Estates can fulfill a similar role. Next to the Greenpoint District the huge "Greenpoint" estate (65!) parcels was formed. The owner did not contribute to the Greenpoint District. We will see if this area will house participants of the greenpoint-movement, or if it is just marketed as "greenpoint-estate" to highlight the fact that it is touching the district.

You can use to scroll to the map, and see for yourself what estates are popping up. Some notable examples can be found here:

90 parcels: Malibu Pier;

18 parcels: Cyber Design Lab:

9 - 12 parcels: Woodside 1 - 14:

33 parcels: Jing'an Temple, business meetings and leisure places;

32 parcels: Lucky Hotle:

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