How to see all estates in Decentraland?

Decentraland is for the dreamers. People who want to see their Chocobo race the Wraith's Turbo Interceptor on a giant racetrack. People who want to dance with Ariel the mermaid in an underwater disco. People who want to pit their Decentramon against the sneezing panda in an arena filled with spectators. Until now those dreams had to be small. 10m by 10 small to be exactly. Since every parcel had that size. Builders, flippers and dreamers alike were all waiting for the development team to build the estate-function, so they could dream bigger. That wait is over. Estates are there!

It is pretty easy to create an estate from adjecent parcels. A great explanation is provided in the original announcement by the Decentraland team. Check it here. With some smart contract searches by Decentraland Dailys ultrasmart contract specialist Decentraliser we found out a lot about these new estates. Until now 26 Estates have been formed, which is visible in the contract address. (correction: 27, correction 28... man this is going fast....). In the right there is a column of "Token_ID's" for every estate. If you want to learn more about that estate click on it. If it is just created it is transferred from the genesis address 0x0000. If it has been transferred already, the contract starts with another string. I'm sure we will see a lot of estates popping up soon. We at Decentraland Daily will keep you posted!

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