The best parcel names in Decentraland part II

The Decentraland Marketplace on enables land owners to name their plots. Most land owners use this function to advertise some features of their plots, with terms as "cheap", "roadside" or "near district". Others use the naming function to add their e-mailaddress so potential buyers can contact them. However, some land owners are more creative. Earlier we presented the best parcel names part I, but there are plenty more to be found. So here is part II with five of the funniest names of the moment. Big shoutout to Decentralizer for scraping all the data off the market, so we at the Decentraland Daily headquarters can stop acting like the Decentraland Atlas is a Point-and-click-adventure...

5. Lamboland 46 - 49, -149

Crypto is about lambo's. Everybody except Vitalik Buterin knows that. But since bears on the crypto-exchanges have been spoiling the party lately, it is no longer a viable strategy to pump your favourite shitcoin to lambo-moon. No worries though. In Decentraland everybody can create his own reality, so why not just open Lamboland? A 3D-Lambo can be obtained for less then five bucks on sketchfab, so whoever owns Lamboland can fill his plot with roaring Gaillardo's in every thinkable colour.

4. 15, -48: The Prancing Pony.

Game of thrones is a big source of inspiration for DCL land-owners. The wall is there, and so are the twins and casterly rock. But what would a game of thrones based VR Experience be without the prancing pony? Who doesn't like a piece of lamprey pie or some freshly baked wolf-bread? However, tourists be warned for an occasional knife fight.

3. 118, -139: Dragon Root

With the subtitle: Dragon Root, Lucky Land, Nice Feng Shui, this must be the most Chinese parcel there is to find in all Decentraland. I think you have to be born in the year of the dragon to be worthy of such a marvelous plot.

2. -138, -99: The end of the road.

Boyz II Men will be there. Singing to each visitor that they still can't let go. It's so natural. You belong to meeee... sorry... I got carried away. Strange about this one is that there is not a road anywhere near. Did someone scam the owner into believing this was a road parcel?

1. 3, 150: Hello world.

We are pretty sure a bot bought this. It begins friendly with "Hello World", but before you know it, it is all "resistance is futile and stuff". We won't set foot on this parcel without the bootdisk of HAL9000.

That's all folks! Seen other strange parcels, or want to tell us more about your parcel? Contact us!

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