Contemporary artist brings JOY to the blockchain

Non-fungible collectible tokens are all the craze lately. Cryptokitties, and Cryptopunks were among the first to draw attention. More recently CryptoStrikers, Etheremon and Ethtown entered the field. Although these projects have in common that they cleverly make use of nice artwork, they are not primarily regarded as art. Since Decentraland has its own museum district, it is time for contemporary artists to enter blockchain. I recently stumbled into the site of the contemporary artist John Orion Young (JOY in short) who might just fill that niche. JOY creates amazing, surrealistic 3D characters, with a little wink to pop-culture here and there (varying from Mickey Mouse to Pepe the frog).

One of the works by JOY

JOY puts his works basically for free on the market on his website After the initial release, these works can be bought and sold automatically, since JOY makess use of a clever smart contrac. that plays into "greater-fool-economics" and the ephemeral nature of art. Buyers are not able to hold on to the artwork when a new buyer is willing to pay a higher price. Interested buyers with a MetaMask-account and some Ethereum to spend, can buy the work of their choice from the Art Market on the JOY Website. If this happens, the work is automatically sold by the previous holder, and both the seller and JOY make a profit. The final goal of JOY is creating his own "JOYworld - a magical creative space in virtual reality", where collectors can meet the artist in a virtual environment. I would love to see that mythical place become a reality in Decentraland.

JOY has his own Discord-Channel. Want to see more? In this video (which at the moment of posting had only 8 views) you see him sculpting his work in VR.

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