The best Parcel-names in Decentraland

The Decentraland Marketplace on enables land owners to name their plots. Most land owners use this function to advertise some features of their plots, with terms as "cheap", "roadside" or "near district". Others use the naming function to add their e-mailaddress so potential buyers can contact them. However, some land owners are more creative. We from Decentraland Daily made a top 5 of some of the weardest and funniest names. Here they come...

5. -42, 13: THE BEST F*&%$#G PLOT IN THE LAND.

With the tagline: "C'mon, this plot... you can't pass up this plot." the owner of this plot seems desperate to sell it. Probably cursing behind his desktop, he named his plot "F*&%$#G", obviously trying to block out the word: "Freaking". Whether or not it's the best F*&%&#G Plot of the land is up to potential buyers.

4. 34,7: Unicorn Breeding Center

I happen to own this plot and named it after Isaiah 34:7 which starts with the prophetic phrase: "And the unicorns shall come down with them".

3. 68, -35: Fertile land

The owner of this plot claims his land is very fertile. Maybe he is one of the many DCL-fans who is hoping the unsold plots will be used as "water parcels" by the main development team. If that is the case, this plot might be perfect for a decentralized version of Hayday or Farmville. But be wary, if unsold plots will be filled with Brawndo, the Thirst Mutilator, this plot might not be so fertile after all...

2. 19, -106 to 62, -107: Malibu Pier

The plot mentions the e-mailaddress of a guy named Kaleb Kizmet. This name must ring a bell for members of the Decentraland Discord channel where a user who goes by the name of "KalebK" is one of the most active members. It looks like he bought himself a huge strip of land of 43 parcels wide and 2 parcels high. When unsold parcels will turn out to be water parcels, this thing really does look like a seaside touristtrap, and Kaleb might be in need of a few lifeguards to prevent Panic at Malibu Pier.

1. -26, -140: Pretzel Land

Parcel -26, -140 has the most intriguing names on the block. Not only is it named after the mythical "Pretzel Land", but it also sports a lovely Pretzel emoticon. The name sparks vivid dreams of a Pretzel shaped themepark, or a bakeshop specialized in German treats. A quick google search for "Pretzel Land" leads to a mysterious youtube-vid with only 28 views... We can't wait to visit Pretzel Land once Decentraland opens!

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