Amusement Park edits its community start-up plan.

Decentraland districts are governed by the land-owners who contributed to the district during the genesis-event. In the period after the genesis-events, district-leaders were asked to provide so called district-proposals containing basic outlines for district governance on topics such as organization, contributor rights and profit distribution. On July 4th, The Decentraland-team announced the voting dApp Agora, that allowed land-owners to vote on their districts proposal. Most of the votes that were cast in the different districts were in favor of their respective start-up plans. However, the plan of the Amusement Park districts was shredded by its contributors. Just before closing the vote, 97% of the votes were against the start-up plan.

In the districts Discord Channel, the content of the district proposal was discussed. It seems the royalty-model in the proposition was not very appealing to the contributors. As one contributor named Panda put it: "Why would land contributors only be receiving 5% of the overall gross revenue of the district. That’s pitiful, and almost downright disrespectful". Different models for revenue-sharing are imaginable, such as tokenization of certain properties, and it will be interesting to watch which model will make a district thrive.

The district-leaders updated the start-up plan, and seem to have listened to their contributors. "Simplified the Royalty Plans. Now offering land contributors a flat 50% of Net Income each year.". Voting is currently open for Amusement District contributors.

photo: A great example of a working Amusement Park in good old Rollercoaster Tycoon.

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