Decentraland Daily Launched!

A new world needs a new newspaper. Decentraland claims to be "a virtual reality platform powered by the blockchain". At Decentraland Daily, we think Decentraland is much more. A new world. The Final Frontier. At Decentraland Daily, we see it as our mission to explore this strange new world. To seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldly report about this place where no man has gone before. Decentraland Daily is eventually aiming to be not just a blog, but the first real digital newspaper. Someday a paperboy on a lightcycle will bring the Decentraland Daily to your digital doorstep. By the way, if our paperboy wears his Pinocchio-Avatar, please don't mention that he is not a real boy. He is kind of sensitive about that. We will report about development, districts, architecture and in-world gossip. If you like the Decentraland Daily, don't forget to place a mailbox on your parcel!

Decentraland Daily, we keep it real.

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